Loft 310 Preferred Vendor: KZOOM Video

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We know it’s been long awaited, and the time is here! It is now time for us to show off our videography preferred vendor, Kzoom Photo and Video! We had the pleasure a couple months back to sit down and chat with Dan (the ever so talented owner of Kzoom) about what all they do, and we got the backstory on how it all started. We promise after you listen to our interview that you will fall in love them, and the profound passion behind all of their work. So, let’s not waste anymore time! We hope you enjoy!

Here’s what Dan had to say….

I actually got into digital editing on a computer in 1997 when I was in high school.

we want to create a product that they could pull out in five years and 10 years and 70 years, and it would be a document of not only their love story but also their family history.

The bride’s dad passed away two months after the wedding – unexpectedly – in an accident. And there was a very short interview clip of her dad, who passed away, that I didn’t even remember we had recorded but it was him saying to Connor, the groom, “Take care of my daughter, I’m entrusting her to you,” and for them to hear that later was almost like their dad was speaking this thing – it was a life thing, it wasn’t just, “Hey congratulations, we had a great time at your wedding,” it was something that is going to impact Connor the rest of his life.

I think it’s a surprise when they get their video back. It’s their day, it’s their family, it’s their relationships, but that is their tunes.

the people that were on the fence, whether they didn’t know if they needed it or not or if they could afford it or not, all of those people come back to us after they watch our video and say, “This was the best decision that I made.”

I think that the first look is powerful

I think that we are really good at helping people choose a package that fits them, and it really starts just with hearing about how their day is laid out, time, schedule-wise, what time are you getting in your dress?

And this middle aged woman was walking past us and her high heel hit something in the cracks and she started falling down the hill, and the groomsmen all dived in after her.

But it’s– as much as our style– we want to capture that romantic side of things and the relational side. We’re kind of split personality in that like we want to have some fun with this too.

I guess this isn’t a promotion, but it’s a value-added thing that we’ve added this year is that we are adding a what we call a “same week sneak peek”

So in the past 13 years of business, our reputation has grown to Michigan-wide, statewide, and so we’re still waiting for the destination. People ask about destination wedding, that would be awesome, but we really do serve a local audience but also a statewide audience, and I think that’s why we’re a good fit with Loft 310, because a lot of your customers that are coming here to get married are coming from Chicago or a bigger city.

What equipment do you use?

Equipment-wise, I realized brides especially don’t really care. They see the video, and they see the quality of it.

We knew it! We knew you’d fall in love. It’s hard not to since Kzoom does an incredible job capturing the bigger picture – the beauty of your wedding day, but also what is most meaningful: your love, words, relationships. Their style is personal, artistic, and creative, and the end result is timeless and sacred! How could you not fall for a company that puts their heart and soul into capturing your big day!?

P.S. Visit their website for a searchable web video portfolio. Kzoom serves all Michigan cities and nearby states. Welcome Kzoom Wedding Videography – Loft310 Preferred Vendor.

Questions for Dan? Visit the Kzoom Video website to learn more about their full range of services.